Sagittarius April 2020 Horoscope

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Even though you may feel surrounded by defeatist attitudes from others, maintaining a positive, yet realistic, outlook works its magic. Remain aware of your personal boundaries. It’s easy to be influenced by outside pressures.
Low energy can be the result of over-obligating your time, and this is a good period to reconsider. Pull back whenever possible. Indulge in your favorite entertainment and pleasures. A bit of pampering can be a source of vitality.
Dreams of love can stimulate your desire to deepen your commitment, and sharing your hopes and fantasies with your partner revitalizes your passion during the Moon on April 15. But if you’re involved in an unhealthy situation, your self-respect may stand in sharp contrast to the relationship, helping you break away from unhealthy attachments. Listen to your dreams.
They can be quite illuminating during the Moon on April 30.
Jockeying for positions of power, others around you may seem to be playing all sorts of odd games. If you’re the target of undermining or jealous actions, you may have to take a stand, since trying to avoid conflict could work against you. Break away from factions whose ideals do not harmonize with your own. Circumstances look better from April 17 to 28, but unfinished business emerges on April 29.
Chronic problems require a closer examination, as this is an exceptional time for getting to the core of issues. Denial is costly. Avoid it.

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