Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

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September begins with a new moon and planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Virgo, your professional sector, bringing you to a series of turning points. Consider this a process of clarifying your ambitions and goals as new opportunities for growth arise.

It can get easy to get stuck in your comfort zone when you’ve found a groove. But trust that any shake-ups in your routine are implementing much-needed changes that will bring you greater security and freedom. You’re leveling up.

By September 13, the Pisces full moon lights up your domestic sector, shifting your attention to family and home matters. You’re being reminded that success doesn’t mean much if you can't share it with those you love. On the next day, Mercury and Venus enter Libra, suggesting that you have a chance now to adjust the balance.

On the eighteenth, Saturn stations direct, and as time progresses slowly, you can see a difficult financial situation isn’t just stabilizing but also bringing tangible rewards, the greatest reward being your strengthening self-esteem.

September 21 marks the final square of three between your ruler Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and illusory, mystical Neptune. The last two aspects occurred in mid-January and mid-June. This has been your journey of discovering your infinite depth and boundless, abundant talent and potential. This is a “homecoming,” whatever that means to you.

The sun joins Venus and Mercury in Libra on the twenty-third, bringing a flurry of social activity. You’re connecting with friends and other people who can help you manifest your dreams. As you move to the Libra new moon on September 28, consciously release aspirations you’ve outgrown as you connect with new opportunities. The new moon marks a new cycle for friendships, community, social circle, and the fulfilment of wishes. Something you’ve long hoped for and desired is within reach. Be honest with yourself and others, put the word out into the universe, and be open to receive.

Standout Dates: 8, 24, 28
Challenging Dates: 2, 12, 21

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