Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

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Ever since Jupiter returned to Sagittarius in November last year, you’ve grown in wisdom and experienced a sense of “homecoming.” On April 5, the Aries new moon marks a new cycle and process of returning to the self. You’re learning what makes you come alive creatively, personally, sexually, and romantically. Something might feel like a risk, but the real risk would be passing up a chance to be happy.

You reach a significant turning point in this process when Jupiter stations retrograde on the tenth (until Aug. 11). Something you’ve been seeking has been within you or under your feet all along. This is a journey inward into your self. Integrate your lessons, realign with an inner truth and compass and let it guide you.

As the Libra full moon aligns on April 19, you could see a small heart’s desire or wish fulfilled. You needn’t try to please or impress anyone. Those who love you will love you anyway. It’s your ability to live, love, laugh, create, and follow your heart and passion that makes you so attractive.

Standout days: 14, 12, 19
Challenging days: 10, 11, 15

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