Sagittarius 2019 Love Horoscope

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As the year begins you are in a party mood. You don't seem inclined to get serious or look for committed relationships. Fun and games seem to suffice for you. But as the year progresses your attitudes change. By the summer - perhaps after a disappointment in love - you are ready for a real and significant relationship. You are ready to meet your Divine Selection, and you will. Thus, love is status quo for the first half of the year, but really rockets after this.

Jupiter moving into your 7th House of Love on 1st July not only brings serious romance, but also new and important friends and social connections. Your social life expands and is happy.

This, of course, doesn't happen by itself. You are making it happen. You are very aggressive socially, reaching out to others, putting the interests of others ahead of your own, working to become popular, developing your social graces and skills.

Typically Sagittarian, you are not sitting at home waiting for the Divine Selection to come to you. You are out there, on the hunt, on the prowl, attending one party after another, attending seminars and lectures, looking, searching ... until it happens. Ostensibly, you are networking for your business, but this is not the true agenda.

But love is not a smooth ride this year. Saturn will move into your 7th House on 11th August, and rest assured it will test the current love. Saturn is a genius at this and you should rejoice in this testing. For Saturn will winnow out the real from the unreal, the true from the counterfeit. If your love is true, it will not only withstand the tests and pressures placed upon it (they seem financial in nature) but actually grow stronger.

Saturn in your 7th House suggests patience in love, the need to focus on quality rather than quantity, the need to recognize the burdens and responsibilities that come with a relationship. It also shows a few false starts in the love area.

On the positive end, this will bring you someone who can further your financial goals. Perhaps the intended will be someone wealthy or from a wealthy family. It could indicate someone much older and more settled than yourself.

Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in May of 2019. This heralds a business partnership for you. Both Jupiter and Saturn in your 7th House from 11th August to 27th October also suggests a business partnership.

Those of you looking towards a second marriage (or who are currently in a second marriage) have a few crisis on their hands - these are brought up by the Lunar Eclipse of 21st January and the Solar Eclipse of 30th July. For the unattached it shows dissatisfaction with the present condition and perhaps a decision to change the marital status. For the attached, it shows a crisis in the relationship and a need either to correct the flaws or dissolve the partnership.

Those of you looking towards a third marriage (or who are married for the third time) can expect to maintain the status quo. But even you will have an expanded social life this year, and perhaps embark upon a business partnership.

New and prominent friends come into the picture this year. Business partnerships are also likely - but do the necessary research before you enter into any such arrangement.

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Sagittarius 2019 Love Horoscope
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