Sagittarius 2020 Love Horoscope

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This is a very important and increasingly complex area of life this coming year, Sagittarius. Major social lessons are being learned. Your social skills are being refined. You are going to learn balance.

On the one hand you are attracting new friends and serious love relationships. Many of you are already involved in serious love relationships from last year.

Your social popularity is unusually strong early in the year. There is a strong tendency to go out of your way for other people.

This is all good. But equally powerful is your desire for self-assertion, having things your way. These two incompatible urges are in dramatic conflict.

Your desire for popularity and social acceptance and your desire for having things your way need to be balanced. You can never go too far either way. This is going to be a delicate walk on the tightrope.

Your impatience and need to have things happen in a hurry could also pose a problem for love. Your spouse, partner or friend doesn’t feel the same haste that you feel – and feels that you are pushing him or her around.

You can appear pushy and overbearing. If you let them have their way, you feel that the project in question will take forever and you bristle with impatience.

Because of the above I expect love to be stormy, tempestuous and volatile early in the year. The highs will be very high, but the lows can be equally low.

Passions (both positive and negative) run high. There could be numerous break-ups and numerous make-ups. For sure, it won’t be dull. And many people like this sort of thing.

People involved with Sagittarians this year will need to be patient and have a thick skin. Their temper-tantrums are not malicious, but coming from unusual planetary pressure. If you sincerely love your Sagittarian mate or lover, transcend the tantrum and let the dust settle.

After April 20th there could be a business partnership forming. Temper tantrums can hurt the bottom line and undermine something very fragile. Be careful.

Jupiter moving through your 7th House of Love and Romance until July 13th expands your social circle. Aside from love and marriage opportunities it brings new friends into the picture.

Friends are easily made now. Saturn, moving into this House on April 20th, tends to have the opposite effect. It tends to test love and friendship.

It tends to insist on clear distinctions and defined roles bothfin friendship and love. So you are making friends and weeding them out as well.

You are sifting the good from the bad, the sincere from the insincere.

Cosmically the message is to increase your social circle with quality people. Launch out into the social world by all means, but demand the best – demand the real thing – both in love and in friendship.

You’re aiming for both quality and quantity. After July 13th, social issues will be less important. Then the thrust will be to focus on fewer friends but of the highest quality.

There will be a further sifting and restructuring of the social life.

For singles, marriage is a strong probability, though there is plenty of drama and volatility. For those looking towards a second marriage, there’s a need for patience.

For those in their second marriage, the status quo prevails. Likewise for those into or working towards a third marriage.

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