Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

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You have some pretty original ideas when communicative Mercury pairs up with radical Aquarius on March 4, and you’ll want to have brainy conversations with other people who think in a nontraditional sense. No topic is off limits on your dates, including politics, religion, and current events.

Success-seeking Saturn teams up with your altruistic sign on the twenty-first, so your best intentions combine with blind ambition. Where will you meet someone who has the same goals as you? How about while doing charity work or canvassing for a politician you believe in? You find love now while helping others.

You’re ready for something exciting when a new moon appears in fiery kindred sign Aries on March 24, and the more different it is from anything else you’ve ever done, the better. You want a totally unique, adrenaline-producing, blood-pumping romantic experience, and you’ll travel to great lengths to get it.

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